About NPO ST Spot Yokohama


An authorized NPO, NPO ST Spot Yokohama promotes to build innovative relationships between the performing arts and the civic society. In order to apply the potentials of the arts to the contemporary society and to create a richer society with the arts, ST Spot Yokohama commits to the following:

1) Operational management of the cultural facilities
2) Artistic creation in the field of performing arts
3) Organization of outreach projects and promotion of exchange among the local community, the artists and artistic practitioners
4) Other projects necessary to achieve our mission

Small Theater / ST Spot

The small theater ST Spot opened its door in 1987. Since then, ST Spot has contributed to the development of diverse cultural activities in Yokohama. Easy to change the positions of the stage and audience seats, the 56 m2 space has infinite potential for theater, dance, music or video performances and exhibitions.

Hall type: Black box (possibly white in the part of stage)
Hall size: 56m²(9.3m×5.6m)
– Technical booth (10 m2), dressing room (10m2) and foyer are aside.
Height: 3.6m
Capacity: 40 – 60 seats
Eligible activities: Performances or cultural activities that provide opportunities for citizens to watch or participate in.

Division for Creative Environment

While focusing on the management and operation of the theater ST Spot, the Division works on spotting out the young artists and supporting their artistic careers in various levels, so that they can contribute to creating even more dynamic cultural scene in the City of Yokohama.

[Management of the theater space ST Spot]

Open to the citizens, the theatre supports different types of presentation and cultural activities. It is our goal to help the users have a sense of home in Yokohama and that they can take advantage of ST Spot as a place for diverse experiences.

[Creation of performing arts works]

As a leading base for contemporary performing arts in Japan, the staff commits to collaborate with the artists from the very beginning of the creation process. Not only the creation and presentation of the performance, the artistic and academic research necessary for the creation is valued to be supported in a long term. In addition, regardless of nationalities, ST Spot is open to collaborate with the other cultural or artistic associations or organizations and builds networks with the educational institutions like universities or colleges. The division commits to plan and publish articles of the current projects on newsletters and website.

Division for Community Cooperation

As declared in the mission, “in order to apply the potentials of the arts to the contemporary society”, the division seeks to apply the limitless potentials of the arts in the society, in collaboration with local cultural practitioners such as public schools and cultural NPOs.

[Yokohama City Art & Culture Education Platform]

ST Spot operates as the Secretariat of this platform with the Yokohama City Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yokohama City Board of Education and Yokohama Arts Foundation. In cooperation with the cultural NPOs and local cultural facilities, ST Spot serves as a coordinator of the artists’ outreach program in elementary schools, middle schools and schools for the children with special needs.

[YOKOHAMA ART SITE – project to support the local cultural projects]

ST Spot operates as the Secretariat of the project YOKOHAMA ART SITE with the Yokohama City Culture and Tourism Bureau and Yokohama Arts Foundation. With their own creative approaches, ST Spot supports the artistic activities or festivals for the local community that take place in the different parts of the broad City of Yokohama.

[Project to develop infrastructure to support the cultural and artistic activities in the field of welfare]

In preparation for realizing the workshops and artistic creation between the people with special needs and artists, the division not only conducts research study but also organizes study sessions and study visits.


March, 1987 | Establishment of “ST Spot management committee” with performing arts practitioners in Yokohama
November, 1987 | Inauguration of “ST Spot”
April, 2000 | Establishment of “ST Spot Yokohama” with board of directors
February, 2004 ~ March 2006 | Co-direction for inauguration of BankART 1929 Yokohama
April, 2004 ~ March 2009 | Establishment of Department of Art Education in collaboration with Kanagawa Prefecture
June, 2004 | Incorporated as NPO ST Spot Yokohama
October, 2006 ~ May 2007 | Co-direction for inauguration of Steep Slope Studio
April, 2008 ~| Secretariat for Yokohama City Art & Culture Education Platform, co-operated with Yokohama City – Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yokohama City Board of Education and Yokohama Arts Foundation.
April, 2014 ~ | Development of Division of Community Cooperation (from the Department of Art Education) – Secretariat for “Yokohama Art Site” program managed with Yokohama City – Culture and Tourism Bureau and Yokohama Arts Foundation.
April, 2017 ~ | Becomes an authorized NPO. With Kanagawa Prefecture Welfare Division for Persons with Disabilities and Division for Culture, launched the project to support the cultural and artistic activities for the people with special needs.


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