Making use of ST Spot

ST Spot is a performance space that with flexible seating that can hold an audience of 60 to 80, depending on the seating arrangement. You can use the space for your self-productions in various fields, including theater, dance, music, film, gallery exhibits, etc.

  • ⋅Hall type:studio-type theater
  • ⋅Area of the space:56 square meters (9.3m×5.6m)
  • ⋅Entire facility :113 square meters(including the control booth :10square meters, back stage: 10 square meters, and the lobby space)
  • ⋅Activities that will be considered: Any arts activites
  • ⋅The space is closed : New year holidays, and others.

Rental Fee (Open Time 10:00-22:00)

  • Mon.-Wed.


  • Thu.-Fri.


  • Sat., Sun., Holidays


  • ⋅The time includes any time necessary for preparation and clean up.
  • ⋅The first day used for set up and rehearsal are rented at 50% of the daily rate
  • ⋅The basic rental rate does not include personal expenses, expendable supplies, technical staff, lighting and sound equipment, stage management, or receptionists/box office personnel.

*If you use long days,we discount on the rentar fee according to days.

over 6daysover 8daysover 10daysover 15daysover 20daysover 25daysover 30days
10% OFF15% OFF20% OFF25% OFF30% OFF40% OFF50% OFF

Access Program

This program is designed to support the creation of new work, or to foster cultural exchange.

  1. Types of work to be supported performances, art-exhibitions, and workshops held at ST Spot
  2. Production conditions
    (1) Co-production program: Discount on the rental fee, priority resevation,Work cooperation
    (2) Support program: Priority resevation,Work cooperation
  3. The selection process
    (1) Please request an application form.
    (2) Fill out the application form and send it with some materials that describe or show your work.
    (3) A decision will be reached through a selection process conducted by the Director.