ST Spot Yokohama Program: 2009-2010

ST Spot is presenting roughly thirty productions this year, including shows in other spaces around Yokohama as well as in its own theater.

  • LAB20 #21 (since 1997) - Curator: Natsuko Tezuka

    LAB20, reaching the 21st version since its start in 1997, continues an endeavor to find and bring up young talented contemporary dancers and artists. An active leading artist is appointed curator to direct and design the performance. The curator will select the performers through an audition and give them advice in the process of their creating performance. LAB20 aims to provide an occasion for young artists to strengthen their fundamental skills, in order to create a full-scaled work in a close future. By attempting to create a 20-minute work, they should each become more conscious of what they are as a choreographer. Although, today, more opportunities are given for younger artists to have their works performed, there should be more well-organized structures that support artists’ independency and self-awareness as a choreographer, in order to further their career. During the course of this project LAB20, the artists will be asked to self-materialize in their work, not only by facing themselves in solitude, but also through interacting and communicating with others.

  • Workshops (since 1999)

    By bringing in leading artists from Japan and abroad to teach, this program offers ways to study such fundamental aspects of the creative process as theater technology and physical training.

  • Assisted Productions (since 1987)

    In order to promote the full production of creative work by individuals and groups, ST Spot offers its support by taking on a portion of the costs of production and working together on the planning of performances, workshops, and other events.

  • Co-Productions (since 1999)

    ST Spot collaborates with other arts organizations in the production of events to promote regional arts activities.

  • Arts Management Seminars (since 2000)

    ST Spot participates in research on the condition of arts activities within Japan and abroad, and invites lecturers to speak on the topic.